Agribusiness Loans

Navigating the world of agribusiness or rural loans can be very complex, and as each lender has different fee and interest rate styles doing a comparison can be a challenge.

That’s where the RFS Finance Group comes to your assistance. Our Agribusiness Lending Specialists know ag lending. They know how to compare lender offers and match the best lender to your individual business circumstances. Just as important we understand ag. Over the years we have been asked by bank staff if being a dry land farmer meant that the property didn’t have a river running through it! Another asked us why a wheat farmer could not harvest his crop in August. Yet another asked about the calving rates from bullocks. And you wonder why you need to talk to an RFS Finance Group Agribusiness Lending Specialist to help you deal with a bank when it comes to ag finance?

If you are looking to buy a farm, increase your holdings, or just looking for a new lender that understands that you and your enterprise are unique; and that you need a unique solution tailored specifically for you, you need RFS Finance Group on board to assist you and get the deal that you deserve.

What can you expect when you deal with RFS Finance Group? We will take the time to talk to you, get a full understanding of your enterprise and what is important to you and your business. Armed with this information we will then go and use our market knowledge, strength, and contacts to negotiate the best solution possible for you. We are not here to ‘flog product and cross sell’, or aim is to get you what you want without all the unnecessary extras.

What does it cost you for RFS Finance Group to assist you? Generally nothing, the lender pays us to introduce you and your business. This does not mean that you pay more for your loan as we negotiate with several lenders and use our group negotiating power to get a result that is usually better than you can get by going direct to a lender.

At RFS Finance Group our lending specialists are locals and they operate their own business. They will not move on tomorrow or next week leaving you with a new and inexperienced banker. We will be with you for the long term. Your banking may be split across a number of lenders, but you will only have one ‘bank manager’, and that’s you RFS Finance Group Agribusiness Lending Specialist.

So why wait, experience the difference that the RFS Finance Group offers.

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